Tuesday, March 19, 2013

CNT highlights Garrison presentation in its blog

I promised to report on The Garrison Institute Climate, Cities and Behavior conference last week. I will do that soon--but for now, here's a link to a write-up from my guest at the conference, Jen McGraw at CNT. Thanks Jen!

CNT Considers City Resilience at the Climate, Cities and Behavior Symposium

Friday, March 8, 2013

Some of My Favorite Blogs... What are Yours?

Some of My Favorite Blogs...

In keeping with Lexy's guest post, I am going to share some intriguing resources with you. As part of my work with the U.S. Green Business Council and The Garrison Institute, I have been exploring a number of interesting blogs, articles, and books related to sustainable cities and sustainable community-building. Here are some of my favorites:

Renee Lertzman and a blog post about her work,
Make Me Love You - And Maybe I'll Change: how building sciences might benefit from time on the couch"

Renee is a psychologist who works on climate change behavior and engagement. This is a blog post about a presentation that she gave to people who work on sustainability and buildings in which she shares insights from psychotherapy and consumer branding--to help people feel connected to the buildings where they live, work, and play. I see this as a great addendum to my previous post on buildings.

 Sustainable Cities Collective
This blog has lots of interesting posts that explore sustainability from the perspectives of placemaking and participatory engagement--both still rare perspectives in this field. It also focuses on urban places--so very relevant to the Chicago region.

NeighborPower: Building Community the Seattle Way, by Jim Diers
Jim is on the Faculty of the Asset-Based Community Development Institute at Northwestern, where I am a fellow. His book is a great testament to the ability of government to work in collaboration with communities to create change together. And many of his examples relate to nature and sustainability--no surprise, they're from Seattle!

Please share:
What are your favorite blogs, articles, graphics, videos, books about sustainability--and why do you like them? Let's create a list together!


P.S. I am off next week to The Garrison Institute's Climate, Cities, and Behavior symposium in Garrison, New York--so look for a post the week after about that experience!